Body Panels

Cross Canada currently offers a wide variety of body panels which includes, doors, fenders, hoods, tailgates, gas tanks, quarter panels and much more for thousands of makes and models, both domestic and import. Body panels are typically made up of sheet metals and sometimes of fibreglass or composites which are assembled together in order to form the body of a vehicle. All bits and pieces of a car are called body panels. They are then formed together and attached to each other so as to complete the entire makeup of the vehicle. The hood, the trunk lid, the fenders, the doors, the roof, and the quarter panels are all body panels which are welded or bolted together. Just imagine your vehicles lacking the necessary body panels. Would it not look awful? And like an entire body system, the vehicle must also be completely made up of body panels so protection and performance would harmoniously work hand in hand.

With new products being available daily from manufacturers, Cross Canada is continuously working closely with them to ensure they carry the necessary products for the end consumer. We source our body parts from the leading independent manufacturers of top quality products. We then back them with our "Lifetime no-hassle warranty".